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Some of our past exclusive paid castings...
- Live Event Characters wanted for Grand opening of Theater.
- Hewlett Packard Industrial needs 'office types', all ethnicites.
- Independent Film
- Tall Woman needed for Live Comedy Short
Current Castings...
1)‘The Red Death’ Casting Call
The Red Death is an adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe poem entitled, “Masque of the Red Death”. The film follows Elliott, a man who in the face of his death reconciles his life and love, ultimately fighting against the personification of Death for a second chance at life.
This project is my senior thesis at Boston College. As of right now, it will be filmed in four days of production and distributed to all regional and national film festivals. Parts will receive compensation. Auditions will held at Boston College and can be scheduled on an individual basis.
Contact information: Zachary Citarella (Writer, Director)
Phone: 914-263-7828
Character Descriptions:
Elliott: Male, 25-30. Elliott is a smoker who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The night he is set to die, he is visited by the grim reaper and offered another shot at life. Elliott is sick of living and refuses the offer. He has led an unfulfilling life and sees no point of continue living it. After accepting his failures in his previous relationship, he longs for another chance at living and fights back as death comes to collect him.
Elliott is a reclusive character. He lives alone in a gothic mansion in which he hides from the rest of the world. This is indicative of his reluctance to form strong emotional and physical bonds with people. At the beginning of the film, Elliott is consumed by his addiction, his loneliness and ready to die. It is after he revisits the memories of his failed relationship with the girl of his dreams that he changes his mind and wants another chance at life.
Elsa: Female, 50-70. Elsa has been the maid for Elliott’s family for all of Elliott’s life. She has seen Elliott grow up and stayed as a bystander to his affairs, never interfering with his business, but always ready to clean up after him. Elsa has been a staple in Elliott’s life, but never been close to him. They maintain a very basic professional relationship. It comes as a complete surprise to Elsa when Elliott approaches her about her thoughts on his failed relationship with Stacey. This is a facet that has never been part of their relationship before.
Death: Male, 40-50. Death is the grim reaper who comes to take Elliott away. Death does not choose who dies, he is simply the does as he is told. Elliott just happens to be his next target. To him, this is a job and he constantly checks his stopwatch to make sure that he is on schedule. Death offer’s Elliott a second chance because Elliott has given up on life. Death is struck by how Elliott has been given so much opportunity, yet blown it away through his own self-destructive tendencies. When Elliott refuses his offer, Death simply goes back to his normal routine.
Stacey: Female, 25-30. Stacey became involved with Elliott after the two met during college. She began a long and very serious romance that became increasingly strained from Elliott’s self-destructive tendencies. She could not be around him because of his smoking habit and felt very strained from him because she felt he could never become to attached to one thing. When she tried to bring it up, he only became more distant, eventually not even leaving his own mansion.
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